General Assembly


Just a reminder, people!!! The next meeting of Occupy Utica will be Monday March 10, 2014 at 7 P.M. at the Cornerstone Community Church. We discussed meeting more frequently in the near future, but people’s schedules did not allow this as of yet. Remember!!! The group decided to change our venue at this time from the Other Side to the Cornerstone Community Church in Utica (500 Plant St, Utica, NY 13502; behind the Dunkin Donuts at the Oneida Square Roundabout on Genesee Street).

We will also be getting together on March 12th at 7 P.M. at Cornerstone to discuss Pedagogy of the Oppressed along with the Mohawk Valley Freedom School and other community members. The book can be read online in PDF form at this link: you at the meeting!


Location: Café Domenico

Attendance: 10

Agenda: Common Council, NATGAT (National Gathering in Philadelphia), Justice for Narcisca, Morgan Family Fundraiser, Regional Conference in Utica

Common Council

  • Semantics were vague in the proposed legislation to *ELIMINATE PRIVILEGE OF THE FLOOR, looking for it to be amended so that it is transparent what the intent is;
  • Occupy Watertown will be coming down as a sign of solidarity;
  • Proposing ideas and speaking on issues such as having more open government and transparency;
  • Executive sessions are also questionable and possibly illegitimate.
  • * (Click image to increase size)

NATGAT in Philly

  • Points were made on being prompt when meeting for carpool if that is the choice of transportation;
  • Looked briefly into getting train tickets, too expensive;
  • John proposed possibly getting a weekend van for the weekend;
  • Julie has had offers for lodging in Philly;
  • Trinh and Hamza selected as primary delegates on behalf of OU;
  • Julie and Derek alternates.

Justice for Narcisca

  • Someone on behalf of the bank apologized for the mistreatment and the ridiculous happenings at the house on Ballantyne Brae;
  • Reaffirmed that everything will be sorted out in two weeks’ time;
  • We are still committed if it is still not resolved (more pickets, etc.);
  • Situation basically in limbo, we are waiting and watching.

Morgan Family

  • Lana brought the posters and advertising resources, please help to post them and hand out fliers;
  • Cleared up cover charge, it’s $5;
  • Someone would ask the lounge owners if we could serve Saranac seeing as they don’t have their liquor license;
  • Still need to ask businesses and such for baskets or donations.

Regional Conference in Utica

  • Proposed by Julie, since she had to much fun at Occupy Upstate Regional Conference in Syracuse;
  • Definitely a future possibility;
  • More info will be added as this progresses in the future.


 1. Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center 

  • DB attended the last meeting, no workers showed
  • DB will report back when contact is made with the workers

2. Occupied Radio Funds

  • Will be brought up for discussion at a later date.

3. Campaign Finance Reform (Occupy Albany)

  • Occupy Rochester is endorsing
  • OA rallying for support to send out a press release at the end of the month
  • OU members state dissent
  • OU states MoveOn may be more interested in assisting/endorsing
  • Consensus was not reached; OU is not endorsing

4. Communication

  • OU pro board forum has been created
  • DB states that it is very user friendly
  • KK states that we can host our own social network

5. OutreachWorking Group  

  • Meeting Wed. 05/30 @ 6 PM. ‘Meet and Eat’ @ LN’s apartment (message OU Facebook for details)

6. Community Beautification

  • KK states that the mayor is doing something similar on 06/16; we should link up with that event
  • Decision to come later

7. Morgan Family

  • Received letter from Ricky, read to the group
  • Members will bring personal letters to the next meeting to send to Ricky in a bundle
  • Meeting with Melissa on Mon. 05/28 @ 4 PM @ her home to discuss fundraiser
  • Living room rent-to-own furniture has been replaced
  • Kitchen set still needed
  • Electric dryer still needed
  • Family may be eligible for free or low cost landline due to Dominic Jr’s special needs
  • (LN)Reach out to Debra from the Labor Center & Sonya from the MV Latino Assoc.
  • Hat was passed around; $61 raised

8. Hampton Inn Workers

  • DB has been in contact with Mark O., he will continue to picket
  • Workers will be picketing and flyering @ the Clinton Farmer’s Market on 05/31 @ 10am
  • KK states this may be a civil issue
  • BM states a meeting with the workers is needed: They may experience burn out, organization and strategy is needed
  • Workers would like to plan Sat. action to gather more supporters
  • OU would like to review contracts to figure out if Larry Adler or Keating Development should be the target

9. New Business

  • Narcisca: Currently in bankruptcy and dealing with possible foreclosure and seizure of home she no longer lives in
  • Has been denied mortgage and legal assistance
  • OU will review all documents, including mortgage and deed to house, thoroughly
  • OU will assist in finding pro-bono lawyer, will reach out to local law schools
  • OU will reach out to Take Back The Land in Rochester
  • OU will reach out to Occupy Our Homes

NEXT MEETING (New Location!)

  • 7 PM