Location: Café Domenico

Attendance: 10

Agenda: Common Council, NATGAT (National Gathering in Philadelphia), Justice for Narcisca, Morgan Family Fundraiser, Regional Conference in Utica

Common Council

  • Semantics were vague in the proposed legislation to *ELIMINATE PRIVILEGE OF THE FLOOR, looking for it to be amended so that it is transparent what the intent is;
  • Occupy Watertown will be coming down as a sign of solidarity;
  • Proposing ideas and speaking on issues such as having more open government and transparency;
  • Executive sessions are also questionable and possibly illegitimate.
  • * (Click image to increase size)

NATGAT in Philly

  • Points were made on being prompt when meeting for carpool if that is the choice of transportation;
  • Looked briefly into getting train tickets, too expensive;
  • John proposed possibly getting a weekend van for the weekend;
  • Julie has had offers for lodging in Philly;
  • Trinh and Hamza selected as primary delegates on behalf of OU;
  • Julie and Derek alternates.

Justice for Narcisca

  • Someone on behalf of the bank apologized for the mistreatment and the ridiculous happenings at the house on Ballantyne Brae;
  • Reaffirmed that everything will be sorted out in two weeks’ time;
  • We are still committed if it is still not resolved (more pickets, etc.);
  • Situation basically in limbo, we are waiting and watching.

Morgan Family

  • Lana brought the posters and advertising resources, please help to post them and hand out fliers;
  • Cleared up cover charge, it’s $5;
  • Someone would ask the lounge owners if we could serve Saranac seeing as they don’t have their liquor license;
  • Still need to ask businesses and such for baskets or donations.

Regional Conference in Utica

  • Proposed by Julie, since she had to much fun at Occupy Upstate Regional Conference in Syracuse;
  • Definitely a future possibility;
  • More info will be added as this progresses in the future.