The Central New York Citizens in Action, Inc., a multi-issue economic justice organization, is requesting your help in organizing a news conference next Monday (March 11) to discuss the impact of sequester on our community. We will invite area residents and leaders of local human services agencies to highlight the significant cuts to programs and services that will occur if Congress does not take action. Those gathered will discuss how these automatic cuts to domestic spending will have a devastating impact on our local community.

We need your assistance to make this event a success. Please contact us if you or your agency can speak and share information on how these cuts will cripple serves for our most vulnerable citizens. We are also compiling data on the possible impact of these cuts.

The Central New York Citizens in Action, Inc. will be providing in the next day detailed information as to the location, date, and time for the event. Please let us know if you can serve as a speak or know of individuals and clients who can tell their stories of how federally funded programs have made a difference in their lives.

We also need help in the following ways: making posters, conducting a short survey of local groups, making calls to invite individuals and groups to attend.

Please respond to the following email address: You can also call me at 315-725-0974.

Thank you for your support.


John Furman

John Furman
Central New York Citizens in Action, Inc.
P.O. Box 411
Utica, NY 13503-0411