Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Please take some time to consider those still without power, those that have lost their homes, their jobs and their loved ones in Far Rockaway in New York City. I just got a call out of the blue from a local who is driving down to visit relatives in Far Rockaway for the holiday and offered to bring down any supplies that needs to go down. Rebecca Wittman is organizing a pie (and general food) run. She is asking for baked pies (you can even buy some and bake them yourself) or really any Thanksgiving food items – turkeys, instant potatoes, anything. Please drop them off at her house at 110 Ridge Road in Utica no later than Tuesday evening. Her number, if you need to call her, is 542-6772.

Thanks, Rebecca and thank you to everyone for helping out. All other donations at this time will not be accepted as this was becoming a full time job for all of us who work and/or go to school. We will be sending down volunteer crews in the future and will keep you updated. Image