Occupy Wall Street: One Year Later

SUNY Cortland
Tuesday, November 13th
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Sperry Center, Room 106
A panel discussion with Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Utica activists!

Come listen to Occupy activists talk about their personal experiences with the Occupy Movement and the significance of organizing with Occupy in a small Rustbelt city in Upstate NY. They will share stories about the early days of Occupy Wall Street, what the movement has accomplished, foreclosure resistance, debt resistance, student organizing, immigrant justice, economic justice and the most recent upsurge of Occupy Wall Street with Occupy Sandy Relief efforts underway in New York City and New Jersey. This will be followed by a
Q&A session. Literature will also be available at the event.


John McDevitt – An Army Reservist who fought Bank of America after $25,000 was fraudulently taken from him while he was in Afghanistan and got his money back with the help of Occupy Utica. McDevitt made national news headlines.

Trinh Truong – A high school student in Utica who organized protests against local school budget cuts and austerity measures. Truong is currently organizing with Occupy Sandy Relief.

Brendan Maslauskas Dunn – An organizer with Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Utica.

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