Occupy Sandy Hurricane Relief Update!

::IMPORTANT:: Occupy Utica will not be collecting donations for Occupy Sandy Hurricane relief tomorrow from 4pm-6pm as originally planned.

Our donation drive has been an overwhelming success and we would like to thank everybody who has so far donated their items, time, and money assist those in dire need. Unfortunately, this fantastic response has also led to some difficulty in transporting all of the donated items to NYC and Occupy Sandy donation hubs. This is an absolutely wonderful problem to have and one which we are gladly trying to solve as quickly as possible.

This does not mean that the donation drive is over! If you have items you wish to donate to Occupy Sandy Relief please hold on to them! Occupy Utica will continue to support Occupy Sandy until the need has been met! We will update you as soon as our donation drive resumes so please keep checking back with us.

As you might have noticed, Occupy Utica is not a professional rescue/relief agency nor is Occupy Sandy. We are simply groups of concerned individuals who recognized the institutional failures of disaster relief groups like FEMA and the American Red Cross and decided to act.

It is important to realize that Occupy Sandy is in itself a protest. Many of the same issues brought to the national stage by the Occupy Wall Street Movement are the same issues which have resulted in this current tragedy. Climate change, failing infrastructure, austerity, decline in public services, a private sector solely focused on profit and “out of touch” politicians who pay more attention to Wall Street than Main Street, have all contributed to making this disaster much worse than it truly should have been.

You may not have realized it while you were doing it, but by donating/volunteering to Occupy Sandy Relief you were protesting a corrupt system in which the private sector is unwilling to assist those truly in need and our government is currently incapable of addressing the actual needs of the people. Your actions supported complete strangers in a time of desperate need. Your protest was putting community first. Caring for one another, showing compassion in times of desperation, volunteering. These are all actions antithetical to capitalism. You may not be an anti-capitalist, but you have recognized one of the many flaws that plague our current system and you have decided to do something about it. Your actions might be small, you might even think they are inconsequential, but thousands upon thousands of small actions have a way of magnifying themselves until they are loud enough crack like thunder and shake the ground. Individually we are tiny, but together we are overpowering.

We here at Occupy Utica want to encourage you to get even more involved. You are already an activist by choosing to act and not to simply stand by and watch. You can continue to be an activist just by staying involved and doing something…anything really. Occupy has taught me that being an activist is not very hard. It is as easy as standing up. So please, stand up for something you believe in and make a personal promise to not sit down. If you want to get more involved with Occupy Utica, we would love to have you! We meet every Friday at 6:30pm at The Other Side. If Occupy Utica is not your thing that’s fine! There are thousands of causes and groups which are in desperate need of new members. Find one which best suits you and join up! We are all in this together!

NOTE: Please keep checking this page and our facebook for additional updates!

ANOTHER NOTE:  Don’t forget, http://www.interoccupy.net/occupysandy for more ways you can help Sandy Relief efforts!