Cold weather is approaching and we appreciate all of the donations of clothes we have received so far. Occupy Sandy has announced that there is no longer a need for these items and it would be a waste of resources on all ends to sort, package, ship, receive and process items which aren’t really needed. As a result, Occupy Utica is no longer accepting donations of regular clothing. However, we are still accepting donations of winter gear like jackets, hats, gloves, etc. Thank you all for your understanding!

Here is a complete list of items requested by Occupy Sandy:

Face masks (rated at least N95)
Work Gloves
Diapers (adult and baby)
Nonperishable Food (Especially ready to eat items like cereal, granola, meal replacement bars, crackers, etc.)
Rubber Boots
Cleaning Supplies
Trash Bags
Servicing Dishes and utensils
Hand warmers
Power Strips
Push Brooms
Packaging Tape
Winter Jackets
Winter Gloves
Winter Hats

Remember, drop-off times are still from 4pm-6pm at The Other Side, 2011 Genesee Street. This is located next door to the amazing Cafe Domenico and across the street from The Uptown theater. We will be there Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (no decision has been officially made yet to extend collection efforts but stay tuned!)

IMPORTANT! If you are planning on dropping off a significant amount of items please contact us in advanced! We may have an alternative site for drop-off which would be better suited for large donations.

Occupy Utica is also looking for volunteers! If you are willing to drive down to NYC to drop off supplies to Occupy Sandy we would still absolutely LOVE to hear from you! If you have a truck, car, boat, ship, plane, or tardis, and you are willing to drive goods to Occupy Sandy drop-off points PLEASE email us at or show up at The Other Side during our drop-off times and talk to an Occupy Utica volunteer. We are capable of assisting in covering some (maybe all) travel cost! If you are interested, please contact us!

We are also looking for volunteers to help receive, sort, and pack donations and prepare them for transportation. We had a wonderful crew with us tonight who did an absolutely amazing job sorting through every donation that walked through the door today! We would love to see more of that! Please keep in mind that there are events at The Other Side again Wednesday and Thursday, so it is very important for us to continue to keep the place clean. We need to make sure all of our stuff is out of there each night, so we don’t impede on anybody’s ability to utilize this fantastic space which has been so graciously donated to us.

We would like to thank everybody who have donated Occupy Sandy Relief! We would like to especially thank all of the volunteers who give up their time to help share the work, and the Domenico’s for continuing to let us use their space. Solidarity not charity!!!