By: Occupy Utica

Occupy Utica is a group of local residents who are committed to empowering and bettering our local communities, while fostering true growth in Utica.

The United States was founded on the basic principles of liberty and justice for all, but there has been an erosion of these principles in the past several years by laws and policies that allow for systematic discrimination against immigrants. Anti-immigrant laws threaten fundamental American values, such as equality and fairness, while separating families and criminalizing non-violent and law-abiding individuals. The United States detains upwards of 300,000 individuals for immigration violations each year at the cost of nearly $1.2 billion dollars.

We are currently working along side a local family that is facing permanent separation due to deportation of a loved one for over staying their visa. Dominic Ricardo Morgan is a local resident that is currently being detained and awaiting removal to Jamaica, but he is much more than just that. Dominic was the primary caregiver to 5 (dependent) children, including his youngest son who suffers from Down syndrome and Leukemia.

While his wife worked overnights at a local bank he provided food, nurturing, love and assistance to the children; he put them to bed each night and made sure that they got to school each morning. He also provided financial support through work. Since Dominic’s detainment his family has not only had to deal with the shock and trauma of being separated from a loved one, they have also had to deal with economic and food insecurity on top of the mounting legal fees involved in obtaining asylum for Dominic.

Occupy Utica has come together to provide emotional support to the family, while assisting them in finding creative solutions for filling the gaps that were left by Dominic’s removal. In doing so we have worked with the family and the local Caribbean community to organize a fundraiser. On Friday, June 29th at 8 PM, the Isis Hookah Lounge & Restaurant at 500 Columbia St. will host a night of food, dancing, fun and a raffle in honor of the Morgan Family.  Any money raised at this event will assist the family in gaining legal support for Dominic.

We are accepting donations, both raffle items and direct contributions, from local businesses to help benefit the Morgan Family. We welcome any support that you may be able to offer and it will be greatly appreciated. If you are able to assist us we will be sure to include your business name in any promotional materials or press releases associated with the event.

Should you have any questions or concerns in regards to the event, please feel free to contact us at We hope that you will be able to support us in this way and we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Occupy Utica